Meet my other colleague.


Hi world. Monday Monday, oh the Monday.

Let’s make everybody get over Monday a lil bit easier.

Let me introduce you to my other colleague. Her name is Michelle, and from today onwards, you would remember her.

Things to know about Michelle:
– she loves the bloggers
– she hates Yut Kee and do not eat chap fan
– she wears really high heels
– she’s a sexy non-humper
– she shops a lot
– she is addicted to contacts
– she knows the deed on everyone
– she is an energizer bunny on the dance floor

Proof: Meet Michelle.

She really likes dancing. Thanks Arthur’s Day. Thanks Tim =P

Here’s how she really look like:

hehehehehee… Big difference? Sorrylah, that was a really funny picture.


6 thoughts on “Meet my other colleague.

  1. die la linda

    michelle will surely write a password-protected post saying your short and fat and stuff


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