Do you know what’s our office famous for?


THE ones who don’t ever get tweetjack would be, the 2 bosses (that is because they make it a habit to LOCK THEIR COMPS) and the tech team, because you probably don’t wanna mess with the people behind the scenes.

Every now and then (now more than ever), you would see something funky on the twitterverse.

For example:
1) I eat magic mushrooms every Wednesday to grow tall.
2) Justin Bieber was a hot topic at one point.
3) I know gays were involved.

Anyway here’s an example of tweetjack (stolen from Fresh =))

And here’s what other people noticed:

It’s really funny when you do it to someone.
But not really funny when you answer a call, which so happens to be ringing on the only line phone in the office. And you are stuck there watching your twitter being raped. People laughing at your reaction. And you have to maintain your cool cause you are on the phone with a client. And this client decides to keep you on the phone for a full 10 mins. And all you can do is throw EVERYTHING you can to stop them.

Thanks guys.


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