Indo Love.

I blanked out on Father’s Day.
I know Father’s Day was yesterday, but then grandparents were around. They messed up my mojo. So Father’s Day didn’t work. Now I’ve to redeem myself. Mom’s already on my butt saying I’m a bad daughter. Pfft. I made pancakes. Wasn’t my fault that my grandparents came over and brought cold war. I’ve cousins who have nothing better to say than I’m short. Boring.

Let me not be a bore. As promised:
Note: scroll over pics for captions.

Indo Love.

I am so sorry I did not remember what I should and suppose to.
You were the pillar for me during the horrid ‘we gave life too much credit’ days.
You and your million earrings and your ‘PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOU GUYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS’ days.

I love you. And I know you know that. I always thought you are gorgeous and you give yourself too little credit. Plus you hop around the house doing house work as though you are a bird. Please, do not EVER do house work. Take note football player, hire a maid. Don’t let anyone get to you, step over you. Don’t be too good, people aren’t that worth it. How to say no? Like this, “NO!” You thought me unconditional love and always, ALWAYS react the way I needed you to. You may be dramatic, you may be stubborn, but you are so passionate at everything that you do, it makes it worth it.

You are the other person who have everything at the palm of her hand but never once let it get to her head. So my dearest princess, I wish you could be here, I really do. Go read my letter once again, the one I wrote to you when you missed the first bus to Singapore and we had to drive all the way to KL to get you on the next bus. And the next time I saw you was in the Edinburgh for Hogmanay!!

And here, before I sign off:

Happy Birthday Chandu!!!!!!!!
XoXXo let’s meet soon..

P.S. Those disgusting pictures are from my M’boro house. Gawds. Housemates from dumpsville.


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