Iron Man 2.

Sorry. But, Iron Man 2 rocks. It beats Ip Man 2’s arse. Flat.

Hot male lead? Check.
Hot female characterS? Check.
Uber cool suit? Check.
F1? Check.
Humour? Check. Check.
Cool factor? Oh yeahh..! [Check]

Yes, I know I am 3 weeks late. But its all good. Its soooo guud.

3 things I cant resist in a man.

Look good scruffy or clean-shaven, a charming smile and a good suit/formal wear.

Yeah… Β That will pretty much turn me on.

Sorry. I like bad boys at times. Grrrh..



4 thoughts on “Iron Man 2.

  1. ahaha. somehow RDJ doesn’t quite cut it for me. i’d take johnny depp any time though. or colin farrell when he had good hair πŸ˜›

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