Iron Man 2.

Sorry. But, Iron Man 2 rocks. It beats Ip Man 2’s arse. Flat.

Hot male lead? Check.
Hot female characterS? Check.
Uber cool suit? Check.
F1? Check.
Humour? Check. Check.
Cool factor? Oh yeahh..! [Check]

Yes, I know I am 3 weeks late. But its all good. Its soooo guud.

3 things I cant resist in a man.

Look good scruffy or clean-shaven, a charming smile and a good suit/formal wear.

Yeah…  That will pretty much turn me on.

Sorry. I like bad boys at times. Grrrh..



4 thoughts on “Iron Man 2.

  1. ahaha. somehow RDJ doesn’t quite cut it for me. i’d take johnny depp any time though. or colin farrell when he had good hair 😛

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