I love this guy. Quoting him “We go way back right Lindy?”

I have to admit, we do lots of ridonkulous stuff together. IE: Margarita night at La Kereta, when everyone else abandoned us.. A picture to prove:

Overall, he’s straight not turning gay. Cool(no, seriously, he actually is). Handsome. Tall. A ladies man. Oh, and not mine.

But be warned. He sometimes get corny like this:

Still, I love him. Keep ringing me in the middle of last night. When I finally got back to him, he was asking me where I’m at.

Me: Why Tun?
Tun: Cause.. Shafiq just saw someone like you in the ER.


Its 13th of May people. & Horeca is having a party themed ~ Wonderland. Opps.


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