So I’ve been told “your blog’s becoming a microblogging site”. Okay so to make up for it… I shall relate to you this story. I was talking to herobear the other day.. and I decided to change my font. I was bored of Kirsten or something like that….

So I searched.. Guess what I found? THAT!!! ‘LEELAWADEE‘!!!

A little bit of background information: Leelawadee is a thai name. It is apparently a really gorgeous name. And it so happens to be Chester’s (aka my brother who is 14 years old) girlfriend.

This was how it played out:

Me, being ecstatic and all that I found “LEELAWADEE” as a font went to Chester’s door and knocked on it. *knocks knocks knocks*

Me: TERRR!!!!
Him: Whattt???
Me: What are you doinggg???
Him: What do u want DA????
Him: Go away Daa…!!
Me: Do you know what a font is???
Him: Yes..
Me: Well, I found a font on MSN called “LEELAWADEE”.
Him: GO AWAYYY DA!!!!!!

*emo* kill joy.

So I went back to my seat, happily chatting away with the world then a minute later he came out..

Him: WHereee??
Me: Huh what? Oh… wait… *shows him* THERE!!!!! So cool rightt??!!!
Him: Ohhh…. Da, you nonsense lah.

He then goes back into his room..

AND I REALISED THIS after he left..

From the corner of my eyes (he was standing by me whilst I find the font for him).. I noticed him using a baby blanket (his) to wrap around himself like a sarong. But you know the blanket its SMALL and that act itself is so weird & he never does it.. it is is precious blanket, he needs it for sleep. WHY would he do that? Then it occured to me.. ahem.. I interrupted. Or whatever you call it. I mean, fine, I get it. But if you are doing it half way don’t lah busybody! No wonder he talked to me that way, asking me to go away. Gawds. Eww..




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