This just in.

Bro came in “*gasp*Da! I’m growing mustache”


Funny moment.

Anyway, what’s up world?
Malaysia weather is awful.
I have no idea where I’ve been, but suddenly it just hit me how hot Malaysia is.
On Sunday. I melted in the hot hot scorching sun in search for the perfect outfit.
But it was a good day. Despite the horrid weather. Thanks.
Hmmp, I love good weekends like that.

Its sky blue + designs + goggles!!! HOW COOL is that?
(okay herobear stayout of it. I know u think u can make a cooler one but *shake head*)
Price? Ringgit Malaysia 469.

I wanna learn to ride a bike. Yupe. So I can wear that.
If only I could take a picture. Oh I also tried on this super huge sunhat. It’s like a mini umbrella.
I love hats/headgears type. Think it is essential.

Like how I own an Angora beret. Mmm.. so itchy.


Hey you, thanks for believing in me.


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