London in my external.


London pictures!  Well, it has been almost 3 weeks since I’ve gotten hold of it, so it is time to show the world snip-bits of my November trip.

We begin with pictures that I snapped – the untouristy way.

Note: There are 22 pictures. Bear with me. (The rest are on Facebook)

So Brit. Random people in random outfits(no there isn’t any party or any sorts). They do have more guts than us. Then again, we have lalas.
Because she runs red light.
Because we’re just cool that way.
The street from Trafalgar Square to Big Ben.
This girl spent around 50-60 pounds just on sweets. *roll eyes*
Because beer’s the way to go.
Too bad most theaters closes on Sundays.
It was a grey gloomy day.


Okay, we had 4 days in London.  We were suppose to ‘go around London’ because you know, my dad wants pics pics pics and said since I’ve been there/lived there, I’m suppose to take sis around.  But Denisa/Ashvin Vijay’s girlfriend insisted on shopping instead. So here comes Sunday, and we have spent 3 days shopping. And we were already leaving London to.. up north and beyond. So to avoid scoldings by my dad when we get back to Malaysia, we did London in a day! It was quite amusing cause this is the process :

Step 1: Tube.
Step 2: Destination.
Step 3: *snap snap snap*
Step 4: Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3.

Gollum? *snickers* I was falling!
I wished I remembered this castle’s name.
Yupe. *yawns*
Wind + sister who keeps pushing me off-balance.
So I decided one leg down’s best. (Oh, we were balancing. But you know sis and her hands..)
PEOPLE. So many people.
Love the greyness.
Tube tube. xx
Charing Cross Station – One of the entrance.
Ahh.. Harrods. Unlike the measly Harrods in Malaysia.
If Ashvin Vijay ever wants to propose to Denisa Khoo, just buy her a whole damn sweet shop as the engagement present/dowry/whatever its called.
There is not a DAY where we didn’t eat pub food + drink. Sa & her fascination over pubs.

Jelak UK!!!!!!!

But I love London. London’s good. London to me is like this:

“IT IS FRIGGIN’ LONDON!!!!!! How can you not like it?”

Yes, I am a city girl at heart.

So Tun’s birthday is coming up… guess what I am going to ATTEMPT to pull off?

Bet Yuen will not walk with me. *laughs*



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